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At Outta the Doghouse, we understand that dogs are family too. While the idea of having your dog at your wedding is wonderful, it also becomes difficult to turn into a reality. All of your trusted family and friends, who could help with your dog, will be unavailable because they'll be guests at your wedding. For this reason, we offer wedding packages that take the stress of adding your canine companion(s) to your big day off of your plate!


Because we know the needs of our clients differ on their big day,

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Please see the stories below from a few of our wedding clients.

We hope this gives you an idea of how we can meet

your various wedding needs! 

Titan & Olive were a big part of their Mom and Dad's wedding. Both dogs were somewhat fearful of meeting new people, so two of our Outta the Doghouse staff members met with Titan & Olive 3 times prior to the wedding. This preparation was necessary to ensure the dogs would be comfortable with our staff members on the big day! The day before the wedding, our staff met up with Titan & Olive at the wedding rehearsal and walked them through their wedding day routine. While Mom and Dad continued their rehearsal celebrations, Titan & Olive spent the night at our staff members house. The next morning our staff brought them to the wedding venue, got them dressed and let them say 'good luck' to Mom before she walked down the aisle. After the wedding, Titan & Olive spent another night with us, and we brought them back to Mom and Dad the next afternoon. Mom and Dad were able to include Titan & Olive in their wedding without a worry! Outta the Doghouse was privileged to be trusted to take care of Titan, Olive and all of their Mom and Dad's requests that weekend!

An Outta the Doghouse staff member handled Tyson for Mom and Dad's wedding! This big guy hung out at his home the day of the wedding until our staff member picked him up. We took him to the wedding venue, let him say 'hi" to all the guests, and stayed with him until it was time for him to walk down the aisle. Tyson took some of the attention away from the Maid of Honor & Best Man as he strutted his stuff down the aisle with them. After the ceremony was over, Tyson stayed for several pictures. Our staff member then took him home, where he relaxed comfortably, waiting for Mom and Dad to finish celebrating!  

Beauty Wedding.jpg

Beauty's Mom and Dad were spending their wedding weekend away from home, but they wanted to make sure Beauty was well cared for while they were gone. So, they asked us to stay at their house with Beauty. We stayed overnight and took care of Beauty just like mom and dad would - walks, playtime, feedings and snuggles! However, it was important to Mom and Dad that Beauty be in their wedding photos, so an Outta the Doghouse staff member took Beauty to meet up with them at one of their photo locations. Needless to say, Beauty was a hit amongst all the canalside visitors that day!  


Shortly after Henry's Mom and Dad left for their wedding ceremony, we picked him up and escorted him to the church. We helped get him all dolled up, and waited outside the church for the ceremony to conclude. The guests were happily surprised to see Henry's smoochy face as they exited the venue! We hungout with Henry while he greeted all of the guests and stayed for some photos with Mom and Dad. After Henry's work was done, we took him home and spent a couple of hours with him until he was ready to take a nap!