Overnight Services...


Your pets will be able to remain comfortable in their own home while you're away. Choose from 4 of our convenient options:  

Option 1

THREE 60 Minute Visits per Day, $63

First visit between 6am - 8am

Second visit between 1pm - 3pm

Third visit between 8pm - 10pm

Option 2

Overnight Care & a Midday Check-in, $75

Overnight stay from approx. 630/7pm until approx. 7/730am

30 minute midday visit between 12pm - 2pm

Option 3

Overnight Care & Upgraded Check-in, $85

Overnight stay from 630/7pm until 7/730am

60 minute midday visit between 12pm - 2pm

Option 4

Overnight Care & Extra Check-in, $95

Overnight stay from 630/7pm - 7/730am

TWO 30 minute visits

First between 10am - 12pm

Second between 2pm - 4pm 

Option 5

Around the Clock Care, $295 per 24 hour period

Your pet(s) will have continuous care all day/all night


All pet sits include:

Meet & greet with your pet sitter 

Care for up to 2 dogs and 2 cats

Dog Walking

Feeding and water changes

Medication administration (if applicable)

Bringing in mail

Taking out garbage

Watering plants


Each Additional Dog after 2, $10 per day

Each Additional Cat after 2, $2.50 per day

Birds, Small Animals, Reptiles, $5 per day