Training that works!

If your dog(s) manners could use some work, Cheryl now offers private lessons (in your home) for basic obedience, loose leash walking, leash reactivity, recall, place, separation anxiety, etc. 


Zoom consultations are free of charge and take 25 minutes​. During the consultation we will discuss what frustrations/challenges you are currently experiencing with your dog. We will also discuss your goals and make sure our services are a good fit for your needs. Dog training is a team sport, so we do require that significant others or anyone involved in training your pup(s) attends the consultation.

* Please note that your consult will be re-scheduled with a $25 fee if all parties do not attend *

4 Pack of Lessons $300

6 Pack of Lessons $420

We kindly ask that packages be paid in advance.

Half the balance is due at the conclusion of the consultation.

The remaining balance is due upon completion of the second lesson.


Any cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled service will be charged 50% of that service.  

** Locations outside of our current service areas may be

considered for training sessions; a mileage fee of $10 will apply **

To book a consultation, please reach out to Cheryl directly at


Cheryl does not currently take aggression or resource guarding cases.

She would be more then happy to refer you to another trainer in

the area who specializes in behavior modification.


"I've always been interested in the many different approaches to dog training, but it wasn't until I started fostering my current dog, Kramer, in 2020 that I decided to take my interest in all things training to the next level. I became absolutely fascinated by the progress we made together after adding some structure, boundaries, and consistency to his daily routine. I was hooked!

I've had the opportunity over the last year or so to shadow a handful of talented dog trainers in the WNY area at private lessons, as well as assist in group classes. Their different approaches to dog training have helped me widen my skill set and think outside of the box.

In September of 2022 I was fortunate enough to attended a training seminar with Evan Doggett of Doggett Style Dog Training. The seminar focused on reading dog body language, pack dynamics, and re-socializing reactive dogs. I'm thrilled to bring that knowledge back home with me

and start implementing it with my clients.  

I'm looking forward to helping dog owners improve their relationship with their dog(s) so they can live a more fulfilled life together."