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Current areas of service:


North Buffalo (14216), Elmwood Village (14222), Kenmore (14217),

Town of Tonawanda (14223, 14150), Snyder (14226), Williamsville (14221),

East Amherst (14051, 14228), Getzville (14068).

"Outta The Doghouse" and into the classroom!

Professional dog training that comes to you.

Choose what works best for your needs from the following options:  

Private Lessons

Individual Private Lesson

$85/1 hour lesson

Individual lessons are perfect for those who just want to clean up a few commands, or have questions regarding a specific need or behavior!

5 Private Lesson Package

$400/(5) 1 hour lessons

Private Lesson packages are recommended for clients looking to cover basic obedience commands, potty training, crate training, and assessment of problem behaviors.

Private lessons will occur at your home unless another location has been discussed with your trainer ahead of time to facilitate practice of a certain skill!

Day TRaining

Drop In Day Training

$35/30 minute session

$65/60 minute session

Day Training allows our trainers to provide hands on, high quality training time with your dog.

Whether you prefer to have a professional teach your dog a skill, or you're concerned about the time you're able to dedicate to training, we've got you covered!

Sessions will be completed as drop in appointments. Trainer will access your home, work with your dog in your home, or take your pet out on a walk as needed, and return your pet at the end of the session!

Day Training may be done in combination with Private Lessons, or on it's own! However, for best results we do recommend at least one Private Lesson in addition to Day Training session(s) so your trainer may go over what you need to know to continue working with your dog!

Included with all Day Training

  • FREE meet & greet with your trainer prior to your first session

  • Potty break before and/or after training session

  • Water change

  • Dedicated training time with your assigned trainer to work on your specific goals!

  • Your pet will be returned to confinement (if applicable)

How IT

  • Online client registration

  • Option to download FREE client app

  • Access by lockbox or garage/door code (if applicable)

  • Please provide us with your pet(s) veterinary records (rabies vaccine information)

  • Online scheduling and payment

  • Invoices sent & charged each Sunday after the service is completed  

  • App/E-mail updates provided after each visit 


In order to allow our trainers ample time to take on other clients should you need to cancel, we kindly ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice of your need to cancel or reschedule your appointment!

Cancellation with more than 24 hours notice will not incur a fee. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% charge.

We appreciate your understanding!

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